Solar LED Traffic Signs(Solar Road Signs) visible distance is 5 times than traditional reflective film traffic signs. It is controlled by a solar signs controller to achieve many advanced functions. 


The solar signs controller, developed and produced independently by ourselves, is specially applied in the intelligent control products such as solar signs, bill boards, light boxes, etc. Adopting embedded software and intelligent control chip, the product can integrally and intelligently control the surrounding complementary products. Besides, the product also has functions of solar charge control, Energy-saving settings of LED software, intelligent multi-outputs, etc.




Advantages and Features

High protection: high-quality PC waterproof shell is adopted; degree of protection is higher than IP53;

Low power consumption: designed as intelligent energy-saving circuit and multi-mode energy-saving settings to meet different needs of customers;

Multi-mode: embedded software and intelligent control chip are adopted; flashing modes can be made as customer’s requirement;

Multiple outputs: 4 outputs, which can achieve 4 different output modes;

Intelligent power supply: intelligent power supply program is made according to the Battery characteristics to Maximize battery life;


Strict aging: products aging by long time powered function will be more stable.

Performance Index

  Electric property

Operating voltage: DC12

Single rated current: ≤2A

Single Output Power: 24 W

Insulation resistance: >10MΏ

Working environment

Working temperature is -40 º С-50 º С, Can withstand -40 ºС and +80 º С in the high and low temperature testing.When temperature is 25 º С, air relative humidity is less than 95%.