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    Solar Flashing Slow Down Warning Light is suitable for plane intersection of the highways and city roads, obstacles, and accident prone sections, especially the failure to implement fully closed the highway level crossings, across the crossing, warning the vehicle to control the speed and driving safety and avoid traffic accidents. Used alone or in supporting the use of traffic safety control system.


Product Features

●High Brightness: It adopts high quality LED chip light-emitting units, colorful and bright;

● Low power consumption: It uses low-power circuit design, power consumption is only incandescent tenth power, work power<10W;
● Long life: A unique and efficient overcharge and over discharge circuit, longer battery life; LED life is up to 50,000 hours or more;
● Performance: Protection rating greater than IP53;
● High quality: The main components (panels, batteries, LEDs) are made of the domestic top-brand products, better quality;
● High consistency: LED light-emitting unit by strict sorting, color temperature, brightness, a high degree of consistency;
● Intelligent light control: Ambient light, automatically adjust the LED light, more efficient, energy-saving;
● Brightness balance: There should balance current circuit with specially designed optics, light emitting uniform;
● Strict aging: Aging by long power, more stable performance;
● Protective coating: Circuit board with environmentally friendly three anti-coated, moisture-proof, leak-proof electrical shock to extend the service life.


Performance Indicators

 ● Optical Properties
The light intensity distribution: Compliance with the GB14887-2011 and GA / T 743-2007 requirements
Chromaticity coordinates: Compliance with the relevant requirements of GB14887-2011 and GA / T 743-2007, including the relevant provisions of defective color vision function observer to be achieved.
● Electrical Properties
Operating voltage: DC12
Rated power: <10 W
Insulation resistance > 10MΏ
Wind pressure: Compliance with the relevant requirements of GB14887-2011 and GA / T 743-2007
Vibration resistance: meet the relevant requirements of GB14887-2011 and GA / T 743-2007
Protection class: greater than IP53
● Adapt to the environment
The signal light working environment temperature of 40 º С -50 º С, can withstand high and low temperature test from -40 º С and +80 º С
Temperature of 25 º С, relative air humidity less than 95%.

Structure of 300mm Solar Flashing Warning Light


Installation of 300mm Solar Flashing Warning Light


Advantages of BRIGHT LED Traffic Light

High Brightness: adopts to high quality LED Chip light-emitting unit colorful, bright

l    Low-Power:adopts to low power dissipation circuits design, power consumption only one-tenth of incandescent power, working power is less than 10W;

Long Life:life of up to 50,000 hours or more;

High Consistency:LED light unitsgo by the strict separation, color temperature, brightness high degree consistency.

Limiting control: automatic calibration load current;

Brightness Balance: Balance current circuit coupled with specially designed optics, flash light special uniform;

Strictly aging: products go through power aging test, performance more stable;

Coating Protection: circuit board with environmental Three-Prevention coating, moisture proofleak-proof electricshockproof to extend operating life;

Performance index:

ØOptical performance

Light distribution Meet the requirements of GB14887-2003.

Chromaticity coordinateMeet the relevant requirements of GB14887-2003, including the defective .color vision observers with the relevant provisions to be achieved electrical properties.

Working VoltageAC220V 50Hz ± 15%



Rated powerSingle lamp is equal or lesser than 10W.

Insulation resistanceGreater than 10 MΏ.

Dielectric strengthWithstand voltage 250 VAC.

Burning lifeIn normal working condition up to 50000h.

ØPhysical & mechanical properties

wind load resistanceMeet the relevant requirements of GB14887-2003

Vibration resistanceMeet the relevant requirements of GB14887-2003

Protection Grade: greater than IP53


Signal Lights working conditions temperature 40ºС~50ºС, durability -40 º С and +80 º С in the high and low temperature testing.

LED Traffic Light after sales service

If the Led traffic signal product does not work orderly when you got the products, such as disabled to use , the freight will be paid by us. Meanwhile, we will send the new products to you. If the LED traffic signal was damaged after a period of using within the warranty period, we also offer the new products to you, but you need pay freight.

Warranty time: 2 years.

we can offer the free professional training for you. if you order more, we can send out our technical personnel to your company.

LED Traffic Light Transportation ways

1.The express company is ok.such as UPS/DHL/FEDEX,etc

2.You can choose the delivery way by air

3.Transported by sea also available for your choice.





Quality certification:EN12368 and CE and other complied to quality standards.

Wide working voltage: AC85V-265V. 50HZ/ 60HZ. We also can offer DC12V or DC24V, which can be work with solar panel.

Quality guarantee period of LED traffic light lampwick2 years

Offer free training of led traffic light Knowledge

We accept small order led traffic light Module (lampwick).

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