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Brief Introduction

JY2(16)-6Y-IV Program control road traffic signal controller( following simply called signal controller) is the newest product developed by our company, It is suitable for the new published GA47-2002road traffic signal controllerand fitness for the requirements of traffic administrative departments. It is wide range suitable for control traffic signal of various road sections. This device also can be extended mating with electronic speed detector, electronic police captured system. With high reliability, easy to use, cheap price, etc.


Technical Parameters






Main Feature

l  Power consumption: less than 5 W without load.

l The maximum current of each road: 2A

l  Control method: controlled by special PC software. Can control the current time and plan of the signal controller.

l  Can be set up with sixteen kinds of control plan.

Controller can be set up with Ferial plan (Monday to Friday) and Holiday plan (Saturday and Sunday), can be controlled separately.

l  Ferial plan: can be divided into 16 time interval, each time interval can use one of the 16 plans together.

l  Holiday plan: can be divided into 16 time interval, each time interval can use one of the 16 plans together.

l  Signal controller can be controlled by special remote device:

Main Performance Index

Signal controller output: lane: 12 phase lane control amount to 36 ways outputs.

PedestrianFour road pedestrian control 8 ways same direction and reverse direction outputs.

2. Single load ability≤2Atotal load≤15A

3. Working voltage: AC 110/220V±2V

4. Operating temperature: 2060

5. Environment relative humidity: 20%–95% No condensation


6. Environmental air pressure: 86—106 kPa








LED Traffic Light after sales service

If the Led traffic signal product does not work orderly when you got the products, such as disabled to use , the freight will be paid by us. Meanwhile, we will send the new products to you. If the LED traffic signal was damaged after a period of using within the warranty period, we also offer the new products to you, but you need pay freight.

Warranty time: 2 years.

We can offer the free professional training for you. if you order more, we can send out our technical personnel to your company.


LED Traffic Light Transportation ways

1.The express company is ok.such as UPS/DHL/FEDEX,etc

2.You can choose the delivery way by air

3.Transported by sea also available for your choice.









Quality certification:EN12368 and CE and other complied to quality standards.

Wide working voltage: AC85V-265V. 50HZ/ 60HZ. We also can offer DC12V or DC24V, which can be work with solar panel.

Quality guarantee period of LED traffic light lampwick3 years

Offer free training of led traffic light Knowledge

We accept small order led traffic light Module (lampwick).


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